Wednesday, October 3, 2012

cupcakes, mooncakes, and some bumps in the road

over the weekend Quinn had a few buddies
over to celebrate his birthday.

check out those gooey s-mores cupcakes

a sticky, sugar-coma time was had by all

on Sunday we headed to the Harvest Moon Festival

"I love me some Chinese food!!!!"

ah, the famous mooncake himself
(an acquuired taste, for sure)


will be


when I grow up.

we got to spend some sweet time with Ecko too!!

as for those bumps in the road,
my mom's been in the hospital.
she seems to be doing better tonight,
and we continue to believe
for her complete healing!


Gracie will be having an outpatient
 procedure early Friday morning
we can work through some
  insurance craziness.

never a dull moment...