Sunday, February 10, 2013


happy, happy birthday
Alison Elizabeth!

I cannot believe our blue-eyed baby girl
grew up so quickly!

beautiful inside & out
bold for the Kingdom of heaven

19 years ago we were given a priceless gift.
enjoy your day Ali!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Xin Nian Kuai Le y'all!

happy Chinese New Year 2013!

it's the year of the snake

break out the chopsticks

stuff your face with noodles

and celebrate!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the weekend of parties

it didn't take Gracie long
to get the hang of being the
"it girl" of our weekend.
she loved every second of her
birthday celebrations,
and we loved celebrating our girl!

  "how fast can I open these?!"

a beautiful new sparkly pony
to add to my collection

the ultimate My Little Pony
playhouse. thank you Aunt Sue!

in our house right now,
it's all about My Little Pony

all eyes on me?!


a birthday is not complete without
some grandma/grandpa love!

miss Diane makes every family
 celebration way more fun!!

not so sure about those two...

how many times can we play
Pretty Pretty Princess?

I won I won!

who says real manly man can't win
a round or two?!
(although he looks a little too happy
w/ that crown & those earrings...)

we love the new squirrel game!
thank you Grammie!!

the fun marched on
on saturday as Gracie had a few
sweet friends over to par-tay some more.

we even had a tiny bit of snow-joy
 to add to the excitement!

Gracie loves her little buds!

the handsomest 5 year old boy in this 
little part of the world!

the yummiest of babies also!

a little
pin-the-tail-on-Pinky Pie

the artist rolling out masterpieces
with her new finger paints!

until next time y'all!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

five is fabulous!

today this sassy girl is
five years old!!!
she's looked forward to this special day
for weeks, & we can't wait to celebrate!

watching her new favorite movie..
for the thousandth time
Peter Pan

happy, happy birthday to our
silly, smart, tender-hearted,
brave, beautiful baby girl.
(who recently informed me,
"I pwomise mommy,
even when I'm old I will
still be your baby!)

you got that right!