Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving...just the pics, Ma'am

she loves a parade
(using that word loosely here...
what was once a true parade in my
childhood is now a broadway musical
venue w/ some balloons thrown in

Erin's turkeys & acorns

target practice w/ uncle Tom

cousin happiness

the patriarch has arrived

Tom carving the tom...hahaha

my beautiful sis-in-law

uncle Tom tells the best stories

pilgrim appearance

the 5th great-grandbaby!

tree time!

Ali's choice is a little much, I think

LOVE watching her re-discover her
favorite Christmas decorations!

let the Christmas
countdown begin!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

taking a breather...

catching my breath today.
we've been crazy busy...

a midst non-stop school craziness,
flu shots,
practicing patience w/ a new puppy,
and one medical procedure,
we've also...

picked apples

and pumpkins

and  hosted 10 middle school girls for a youth retreat.
(check out queen bee in the center - she had 
those 12 & 13 yr olds wrapped around 
her little Chinese finger - B.O.S.S.Y.!

the medical procedure mentioned earlier?
Gracie had a tooth pulled from inside her nostril...
crazy stuff, I tell ya. 
life w/ a cleft treasure is always exciting!  
in less than 45 minutes, she had
that bizarre tooth extracted, another tooth
extracted and a root canal done.
as always, she was a brave, brave girl,
and we were so grateful for Father's care 
for her as she recovered. 
we face more decisions in
the near future as far as future surgeries go.

I CANNOT believe that my calendar tells me
it's the month of November, and that Christmas
displays have been in stores since mid October...

must not panic
must not panic

oh, and God's up to some big things around here...
more to come on that one!