Saturday, February 27, 2010

random reflections

We've had a week here...

2 sick children

our home computer died

week one of our church-wide Daniel fast

(does anyone else think Ezekiel bread tastes like cardboard?!)
seriously-really seeking God personally and as a church body

already thinking how I'll miss watching the Olympics next week

back in Charlotte again yesterday for Gracie
to have the chain on her appliance tightened again...
screaming and crying
a little blood this time
~mommy sweating a river~
AT LEAST we were told that on our next visit
we would be scheduling a surgery date!

Now for a glimpse at our little independent
(certainly not strong willed?!)
little 2 year old
refusing to hold her Daddy's hand
as we walked around Paris Mountain last weekend.
she walked with her arms folded almost the
whole way around the lake!

my, my, my

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We were in Charlotte today...again...and we finally heard those magic words, "You're done." We have now tightened the screw in Gracie's appliance as far as it will go. I asked the nurse today if we held the record for having a Latham device in the longest...the answer was no, but it has seemed like ages for us!

The next step was for Dr. Matthews to tighten the chain that is in the front of Gracie's mouth. In case you heard the scream from where you live, that was our sweet girl crying at the top of her lungs .It wasn't painful (so says the surgeon), but Gracie hated being held down. (Argh -my heart broke!) This will now bring the very front of her mouth closer before her surgery. We'll head back next week to see if he needs to tighten it further, and set a surgery date! I type those words with both trepidation and excitement. What a process!

God has Fathered us so lovingly from the beginning, even in the decision to choose this particular surgeon. I told Brian on the way home that in Dr. Matthews I see Jesus - The way I picture Him as He lived His life here on this earth. Calm, extremely gentle and loving, yet powerful and purposeful. Wise, and speaking only the necessary words, and humble, humble, humble.

Thank you God!

Monday, February 15, 2010

it's always a party around here

Sunday was not only Valentine's Day,
but also Chinese New Year.
With as much celebrating as we've done
in the month of February,
Gracie's going to think it's a constant party
around here...well it is, of course!

Two CNY traditions...
Red envelopes containing crisp
dollar bills for the kids.
(Called lee see or lucky money envelope)
tangerines with leaves intact (long lasting relationships;
fruitful and multiply as in having children)
uh, I guess we got that covered!

"Kung hei fat choy Y'all!"
(meaning "Wishing you prosperity and wealth")

Of course some candy from the
local Asian market.

My first Valentine

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the birthday

breakfast in bed
opening the first of 16 gifts
she received throughout the day!
(betty boop socks by the way)

getting ready for dinner!

Ali & her sweet friends @ Portofino's

poor younger sisters
stuck at the non-party table

sixteen candles

could these girls
be any cuter?!
sweet life-long friendships

someone liked
the birthday cookie cake

Ali loved her final gift -
her antique cedar hope chest

have mercy...
I love these treasures!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

sweet, sweet sixteen

16 years ago today our first baby was born.
Time truly flies by.

Happy birthday to our

"Grace and spiritual blessing
be to you and soul peace
from God the Father
and our Lord Jesus Christ."
Galatians 1:3

(Thank you dear Missy for the time you lovingly took
to create this beautiful portrait 0f our girl!)

Monday, February 8, 2010


sinus infection +
fever +
sleepless nights +
some major grumpiness =
fun times for all :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

show me a sign

Gracie is learning new signs every day.
We quit counting at 100!
With the Latham appliance and speech therapy
we are understanding some words a little better,
but sign language has been so awesome
in helping her communicate.
She's even teaching her
occupational therapist new signs every week.

The other day she wanted ice, so she spelled it...
Yeah, she just turned 2...
brilliant, eh?

Monday, February 1, 2010

the birthday in pictures

Happy Birthday Gracie Jia Shu!!!!

Our baby girl is 2 years old today!
Last year we had no clue our soon-to-be
daughter was celebrating her first birthday
somewhere in China.
Praise God she's home!