Sunday, January 13, 2013

holding down the fort

I'll say one thing for when Brian is out of town,
I clean & reorganize like a mad woman...

Brian & Ali have been gone since early Thursday
morning. they've been in Michigan w/ family
to celebrate the life of his beautiful Aunt
 and mourn her loss together.

I can't believe it's already 2 weeks into the new year.
we shared New Year's Eve w/ my brothers here
( sister couldn't be here)
w/ a quiet dinner & lots of reminiscing.
New Years Day was rainy & cold...
we needed that "pajama day" as a family!

cousins...all they do is 
a lot

learning to treasure these family moments

my handsome nephew...
the first grandchild born in our family
many moons ago
(boy do i feel OLD!)

a little fireworks action

the dreaded
"take-down-the-tree-NewYears-day" activity
(and the Woodard sinuses

another thing that happens when Ma tries
to pass the time around here while
Pa is out of town is a lot of

my beautiful sous chef

take that Krispy Kreme!'s been a heavy start to the new year.
as we walk through the loss of Brian's Aunt,
we're also still reeling as a church family
over the tragic death of a beautiful 14 year old
friend of Erin's. she was a precious daughter and sister,
 and a valued member of our youth group.
would you keep her family in your
prayers as the days go by? 

"I give you PEACE,
the kind of peace that only I can give.
It isn't like the peace
that this world can give.
So don't be worried or afraid."
John 14:27